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We are a team of dedicated tax specialists with extensive knowledge in all areas of tax to assist in any HMRC investigation or enquiry you may have. Every member of our team has different skill sets and specialises in a certain area of tax so we are able to offer an across the board service to our clients in the knowledge that whatever your enquiry, we have the specialist for you.

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What Our Clients Say

  • "In what can only be described as one of the most stressful periods of my life Panacea Tax took control of everything in a professional, and confidential manner. They held my hand and took all the worry and stress away and allowed me to continue living my life. Thank you so much."

    R SmithBusiness Owner
  • "Panacea Tax are incredibly friendly, professional and affordable! I moved to them half way through an enquiry due to the incompetence and escalating costs of another company. They took my case on board and finished it off with extreme speed and accuracy! You're a credit to your profession"

    W TrainorCompany Director
  • "Katie thank you so much for working so closely with me during the HMRC investigation. You assurance and security allowed me to continue working during some very hard times. Your extensive resources and knowledge proved invaluable when helping determine my settlement."

    M PowellProperty Developer
  • "Not knowing which way to turn when I received the HMRC letter in the post was extremely frightening. Thankfully I close friend highly recommended Panacea Tax and her recommendation was completely justified. The Panacea team took over everything including all correspondence with HMRC. Their dedication and hard work enabled me to get my tax affairs in order and avoid some hefty penalties"

    J MorrisBusiness Owner
  • "Due to the continued crackdown from HMRC and having a couple of friends get in serious trouble with HMRC I did the sensible thing and voluntarily disclosed my additional earnings. Panacea Tax were integral in this process protecting me and helping to significantly reduce penalties"

    S RyderCompany Director
  • "Panacea Tax are incredibly well connected, they had several ex-HMRC inspectors working on my case to ensure everything was resolved as quickly as possible and in the format required by HMRC."

    D BatemanProperty Developer