Section 9a Enquiry

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HMRC are entitled to enquire into any personal tax return. They will do this by sending you a letter quoting Section 9A. These notices must be issued within 12 months of the filing date of the return under enquiry. This will either be a check over your whole return or could just be an aspect enquiry where they are concentrating on one particular section within your tax return.

If HMRC uncover any discrepancies during the check into the one year return under enquiry they can open a full enquiry into your tax affairs generally and go back into earlier returns and where tax avoidance or fraud is suspected HMRC can then investigate under the COP 8 or COP 9 procedures. Generally you will be asked to produce records and explanations.

This type of enquiry, if handled properly can be dealt with and closed quite quickly providing there are no tax irregularities.